What is the Sonora Sound Tube?

During a therapy session, you will rest on a bed that is slowly guided into the instrument. Once inside, the gentle plucking of the Sonora’s strings creates vibrations along the bridge of the tube for this fully immersive experience. Sound waves travel through your muscles, tissues and bones, reaching every corner of the body, and the subtle music allows you to drift off into sleep or enter a state of deep meditation. Sonora naturally restores the harmony of body, mind and spirit. The Sonora is made possible thanks to Katarzyna Paluszkiewic and her team.

Sonora's music is subtle, monotonous, trance-like, with a steady pace, devoid of complicated rhythms and sudden changes of mood.

The instrument produces only one C note and a number of accompanying harmonics, and due to the long decay time, it is rhythmically uniform. However, its richness lies in overtones - after plucking a single string, you can hear, next to the bass, a whole range of delicate sounds.

What are the benefits?

The frequencies from the tube communicate with your body on the cellular level. As the sound reaches your cells, they begin to vibrate at the frequency shared with the Sonora. This process tunes the cells back to their natural, healthy frequencies.

  • Controls breathing and oxygen intake
  • Regulates blood pressure and circulation
  • Relieves tension & pain
  • Coordinates muscle & bone movement
  • Facilitates large intestine functions
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps achieve deep meditation and awakening

Our clients describe their experience as a journey through a previously unknown space.

Our clients describe their experience as a journey through a previously unknown space.

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