Benefits of Group Meditation

  • Develops the healthy habit to meditate
  • Raises your energy and vibrations
  • Healing power cultivated in numbers is greater than that alone
  • Learn from each other
  • Tune your cells to their natural frequencies

What is group meditation?

We offer weekly guided meditation sessions using gong wash, tibetan bowls, exotic flutes, ocean drum and more. Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention and awareness. Many people struggle with meditating alone. We let our thoughts wander and fixate on the running list of chores or errands we have to do. A way to combat this mentality is with group meditation. While meditating with a group of people, not only are you being held accountable, but you are able to feed off the room's positive energy. The instructor also helps guide your thoughts and imagination. Some people are reluctant to try group meditation for fear of attracting others' negative energy. However, sound will clean and neutralize negative vibrations before they have a chance to reach you. Thus, our group meditations are relatively safe.

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