Meet Margaret

Margaret has been a musician since 1980 and has always felt a connection with sound. Margaret first noticed sound's healing properties when her joint pain was healed with tuning fork acupressure. She opened Cellular Music Therapy in 2015 and has been devoted to providing curated, high quality vibrational therapy to facilitate the well-being of her clients.

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Owner of the business laying inside the Sonora Sound Tube, looking at the camera and smiling.


  • Certified In-Depth Cellular Music Therapist by Dr. Barbara Angel, Tune & Heal Academy
  • Certified facilitator in Medicine of Sound by Medicine of Sound Healing
  • Certified practitioner in Sound Therapy for Children
  • Ignacy Paderewski School of Music, Poland
  • Sound Healing workshop by Jonathan Goldman
  • "Making Your Mind Matter" workshop by Joe Dispenza
  • Fibonacci Tuning Forks Course in Sound Healing Academy by Tony Nec
  • Perfect Fifth Tuned Pipes and Forks Course in Sound Healing Academy by Tony Nec
  • Sonic Slider Course in Biofield Tuning by Eileen McKusick
  • Certified Music Therapist of Sonora Sound Tube - Poland