Yoga Classes Now Available!

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Gosia is teaching classical Hatha Yoga. In her classes you will hold positions and align the body in the way that is harmonious with our body structure by design . Moving bones where they belong, using muscles to sustain those bone actions will create healthy container for the organs. Well organized and stable container will allow organs to soften and work more efficiently so the breath and prana will move in most efficient way. In short : Musculoskeletal system provides container for organs and inner body so the breath / prana can be liberated while sustaining structural organization that is aligned with the way we are build. This organization is essential to correct breath mechanics and energy movement/ channeling (Pranayama). This is important as this liberation/channeling of the breath/energy in such a way that promotes enlightenment. This is first step to integrated practice of Hatha Yoga - Balancing solar and lunar energies. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. Call or text 331-200-0439 to reserve your spot. NEXT CLASS: January 7, 2023 at 11:30am