Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Certified In-Person Course

A woman holding a tuning fork.

Why learn sound therapy?

In this course you will:

Course Overlook

The course takes place every few months and always during the weekend (Fri-Sun). Class lasts 8 hours everyday, with a break for lunch.

Tuning Fork as a Healing Instrument
Influence of Frequency on the Human Body
Pythagorean Scale - Golden Ratio
Techniques in Sound Therapy
Hands-on Practice

Required materials: The course covers working with 8 weighted Harmonic tuning forks, and the OT64 tuning fork for reflexology and spine massage. You will gain practical hands-on experience with these tuning forks specifically and we urge you to purchase these before the course starts.

Optional but encouraged materials: Also covered in the course is the use of Mineral, Solfeggio, DNA, and Organ tuning forks. Technique and usage will be taught, but practice will not take place in class.

Upon successful completion of the course, certifications will be granted and you will be fully qualified to heal with the use of tuning forks.

Interested in becoming certified?

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